Our Tribe

Our whānau here at Awhi Yoga & Wellbeing are intentional on delivering authentic, connecting and impactful classes. We take pride in the training and development of our team both on and off the mat so that our community feel held, challenged and nurtured as we grow together into our fullest human potential. We hold ourselves and our team accountable to provide a top tier Yoga and development experience across all of our programs.


Jase Te Patu - Co owner & Lead Facilitator

1. What does AWHI (support/help) mean to you?I know how important it is to be of assistance to others, to hold space and to be there wholly! It starts with ‘me’ though. I used to think that supporting/helping myself was selfish… now I know it’s key to showing up fully for others!

2. What tools do you use to best AWHI (support/help) yourself? SELF CARE is a  priority and a practice for me daily. If I’m set up well, then all the things I have to do will go smoothly. The Māori practice of  HAU ORA or Te Whare Tapa Whā provides some really great pillars from which to AWHi ourselves or take care. Every day I do something for Tinana (move the body - yoga or gym and then one day full rest), Hinengaro (quieten the mind - 10-15 minutes meditation and gratitude), Wairua (fill the spirit - anything that brings me joy… nature, partner, teaching children) and Whānau (connect to family or loved ones). These four walls help me step in to daily life with an open heart and mind… always!

3. And then AWHI others? I feel the most connected when being of service to others. My mantra has been “I”M HERE”, open arms, open heart - to offer, to share, to hold. Our AHWI yoga whare is the perfect place for all of that to happen. I feel blessed that I get to do that as my mahi!


Shane Hamill - Yoga

What does AWHI (support/help) mean to you? Creating and holding a safe space to support the journey of self-discovery for myself and others - enabling the growth of connected communities.

What tools do you use to best AWHI (support/help) yourself?

Exercising in the morning sets me up for the day.

Yoga and Relational Therapy provide a safe space for me to get to know myself better and practicing being comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Unplugging and connecting with Nature - I always feel better after a bush walk, a swim in the sea , camping or getting out in the countryside.

Prioritising time for the things most important in my life and reflecting on the question “is this adding value to my life”.

Checking in on the quality of my breath at points during the day and if I’m feeling stressed, taking the time for a few conscious breaths. 

 And then AWHI others? Sharing the practice of yoga with the community; being present, holding space and listening; sharing my experiences and tools for my own wellbeing journey; and sharing the joy and healing vibration of music.


Kathleen Filo - Yoga

1.What does AWHI (support/help) mean to you? Its like,  I got your back. Awhi imbues a sense of comfort and embrace for both the giver and the receiver and invites in a connection and lightness.

 2. What tools do you use to best AWHI (support/help) yourself?  Yoga, essential oils , nature and connection to loved ones

3. And then AWHI others?  Connection, listening and empowering by teaching the epic tools of Yoga and Essential Oils which support a holistic lifestyle in a potent way! 


Justine Hamill - Co owner & Lead Facilitator

What does awhi (support/help)mean to you?  To me, Awhi means to love, support and accept unconditionally, without strings, a need to be thanked or recognized. It’s service to humanity in it’s purest form.

What tools do you use to best awhi (support/help) yourself?  It’s taken me many years to work through the things that have blocked me from fully supporting myself, now at 42 I choose to care for myself from a place of value and love for who I am and what I can offer in this short lifespan. If I am well cared for and full I am much more able to give & connect fully. I do this by taking care of all aspects body, mind & spirit. Regular exercise, regular Yoga practice & meditation. Clean nutrition. I don’t smoke, drink or take anything that toxifies my system - I haven’t always been this way and it’s the best decision I have ever made. I try to witness my dialogue and catch negative thought patterns. I attend regular weekly therapy and have done for 8 years. I love nature, getting away from it all, long baths and hugging my family. I have the most amazing supportive husband (see Shane Hamill) so I’m very lucky to be supported well by him too! Singing is my mediciine. If you see me driving around town - it’s a given I’ll be singing in the car - hard out!

And then awhi others? Listen, listen, listen and then listen some more. Shravana is the yogic practice of truly hearing where another is coming from, without judgement, a need to agree, disagree, respond or fix. I’m a space holder and the work I have done on myself over the years has grounded me in this practice so that even in the most challenging environments I am able to accept another for who they are, no matter what they have done or experienced. I teach weekly in a maximum security mens prison and get asked about how I deal with it often. It’s simple. I believe everyone is born pure, trauma creates behavioural patterns that sometimes take us off path and EVERY SINGLE PERSON has the right to heal, be held, loved and supported. Awhi mai, awhi atu. What we give comes back 100 fold like an ever evolving circle of love. I am a supportive mum to 3 beautiful children, I love supporting & giving back to our community at Awhi Yoga & Wellbeing and the wider community - prisons & Youthline Wellington. Grateful.


Rosie Sievers - Yoga

What does awhi (support/help)mean to you?  I love the translation of awhi as an embrace, I think of it as an invisible warm force I can wrap around myself and others, in the good moments and the harder moments.

What tools do you use to best awhi (support/help) yourself?  To awhi myself feels like the practice of sensing and responding to my needs. Getting on my yoga mat helps me to notice the times of the day, week, month and year that my capacity is waxing and waning. In the moments where showing up to life as the fullest version of myself is feeling hard, I know that extra awhi is important. This often looks like clear boundary setting combined with allowing myself to focus on the things that bring me rest (legs up the wall incense burning, chilled out gardening, reading a book in the sun) and/or things that bring me joy (laughter and friendship, ocean swims and hot sand, adventure mode nature walks and a good dance).

And then awhi others? Awhi can look like so many different things for so many different people. I feel my strongest version of awhi is when I'm able to really listen to what a person needs reflect back, ask open questions and then be on a team with them as they navigate how to meet those needs. It's helpful to recognise that I'm not always the right person to provide awhi and when that's the case I'm grateful to have a strong knowledge base of other supports and services that are helpful for me to refer to. I get a lot from giving so when it comes to everyday awhi and the language of love I speak with those closest to me I think of cooking delicious healthy food and offering touch like head massages / henna / hair braids etc.


Michelle Preston - Yoga

What does AWHI (support/help) mean to you? We're all looking out for each other, connecting in a way where we not only care about the welfare of others but can reach out for AWHI, without fear of judgement, to our friends, family, community and society. 

What tools do you use to best AWHI (support/help) yourself? Over time i've become aware of, and listened to, the things that give me good energy and I make them a priority now. For me, it's the simple things like being in the ocean air, moving and breathing through walking and yoga, and getting my thoughts out of my head and on to paper. 

And then AWHI others? Sometimes it's hard to know how to AWHI someone , especially when someone close to you is going through a tough time. What I've learned is that you don't have to have the answer. You don't need to know what the right thing is to say. I try listening without judgement, being present with that person, asking them what they need from me, and I let them know I'm on their team. I've had someone AWHI me in that way, it was so powerful. 


Claudio Escutia - Yoga & Sound healing

What does AWHI (support/help) mean to you? Supporting/helping means for me being there, holding space, listening , being available to whatever is needed. 

What tools do you use to best AWHI (support/help) yourself? My tools to support myself would be definitely  Family time, nature contemplation, Yoga practice, music, harmonic sounds, meditation, food for soul and body and rest. 

And then AWHI others? Yoga is a great way to help communities to become aware of the bigger picture, Music allows me to express without words.


Josh Macdonald - Pilates

What does AWHI (support/help) mean to you? Awhi to me means the presence of others. Without fear or judgement. Just presence. To be there to be there. For whatever reason or lack there of. 

What tools do you use to best AWHI (support/help) yourse lf? To support myself I do a lot of things! I could list them but the key is that I prioritise these things. Different tools suit different moments so I try be aware of when I need to help or support myself and then prioritise the thing that suits best. Prioritise self care above all else. 

And then AWHI others? Awhi towards others is presence again. To be there to be there. To be a sounding block, vent machine, lend a hand, share silence, whatever is required. And again, without judgement or fear. It is done best when personal Awhi is observed. 


Zuri Brudenell - Pilates

What does AWHI mean to me?  To be held physically, emotionally and spiritually in every area of my life unconditionally. 

What tools do I use? Daily exercise, maybe Yoga, Pilates or just a walk with the dog.  Allowing myself to show up as I am...happy or sad is ok.  Partnering myself through life & also allowing others to dance with me through this journey knowing that I don't need to do it all on my own.

I support others... A kind word, a smile, having fun...I love to laugh but I very rarely laugh alone so when I'm with my family, my friends, my community I show up as I am and they do too and that's when the magic begins and my sense of humor comes out.  "Laugh, and the world laughs with you"...Move, and the world moves with you.  To encourage, help & support others on their journey to Well-being through Pilates makes me smile and I love it when it makes you smile or laugh too!


Tom Brotherstone - Yoga

1. What does AWHI (support/help) mean to you? Awhi to me is all about being part of a community. It is a safe and positive environment  that allows for creative expression, without judgment or attachment for ideas. Being part of a community allows you to draw inspiration from people from all walks of life, enabling us to find our own voice and ways of thinking. 

2. What tools do you use to best AWHI (support/help) yourself? One of the most important parts of growing as a yoga teacher has been receiving  feedback. Being open to learning from other people’s experiences and feeling free to express my own truth. 

3. And then AWHI others? The ability to listen and respect what people have to say. To be in service of others but with consideration for each other’s boundaries.